How To Use Multi Currency

How To Use Multi Currency

In this tutorial we are going to learn how to use the multi currency feature in MoneyCoach.

Let's presume that we are going on vacation in Thailand. One thing not to do is changing the main currency of the app to the local Thai currency. Instead just create a new account called "Vacation" with a 0 amount and select the Thai currency.

In MoneyCoach, accounts can have a specific currency which can be different from the main currency of the app. Keep in mind that once you save the account, you cannot change its currency.

Next, transfer the amount of money from any of your accounts to this new Vacation account. Make sure to favourite this new account so that the next time you add a new transaction, the account is automatically selected for you.

Now just use the app as you normally do. Log in all your expenses in the local currency which will be automatically converted to your specific main currency for a consistent experience all throughout the app.

Check the video tutorial down below.