How To Customise Your Overview

How To Customise Your Overview

Customizing your Overview in MoneyCoach is really easy.

To get started, scroll down to the bottom of the Overview and tap the "Edit" button or go to Settings / Customize Overview.

Once there, if you are a Premium subscriber, you can select the cards you want to display on your Overview and sort them to your liking.

If you are a Free user, don't worry as you can use built-in Overview Modes to modify your Overview. For example, switching to the Pro mode will display all of the available cards that the app has to offer. Please keep in mind that sorting is not available for Free users.

In a future update, we will add a new way for Free users to hide unwanted cards from the Overview, so stay tuned.

Now, since we also care about our Free users, we have included a "secret" way to hide unwanted cards on the Overview. While you are on your Overview, if you see a card that you don't want displayed over there, long-press on it and select "Hide". This will hide that card from your Overview.