Getting Started: How To Create a Smart Goal

Getting Started: How To Create a Smart Goal

Creating a smart goal should be among the first things you do in MoneyCoach as it will help you and motivate you to save more money each month. Here's how you create a smart goal:

  1. Tap "Smart Goals" card on the Overview
  2. Tap the floating "+" button
  3. Now you can enter:
    • The goal name
    • The goal amount
    • The goal date, when is the deadline to achieve it
    • The goal picture
  4. Tap "Save" button
  5. Congratulations, you just created a new smart goal

If you set a Goal Date, MoneyCoach will show you how much money you need to save each day in order to reach the goal before the deadline. Smart Goals are a really powerful tool that will help you motivate to save more and achieve your dreams.

Custom Smart Goals are a premium feature. However, you can select one of the free tailored goals by tapping the "MoneyCoach Tip" card.

We also made this helpful video tutorial. Check it out: